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Monthly Archives: August 2016

No Fear. No Embarrassment.

The same thing is true for health and for fitness. You cannot have fear and you cannot be embarrassed. Even when you see people in the gym who are ripped – EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE STARTED SOMEWHERE. I have to remind myself of that every day. We are always going to see people who are ahead of where we are or who are already at where we may want to be – but it doesn’t matter where they are! They all started at Day 1 too!! I did, my trainers at Kick@55 did, heck even Heidi Somers and Amanda Bucci started somewhere too! We can’t be afraid of looking silly or looking stupid. If anyone makes a comment, it comes from insecurities within themselves. It sounds cliche, and it might sound stupid, but it honestly is true. You have to commit and you have to believe in yourself. You can’t worry about looking silly or looking stupid. You will only grow if you put in the effort and you will only grow if sometimes you look stupid. The more you work, the more consistent you are, the better you get, and the closer you get to the results you want. Hard work, consistency, and no fear – that will get you to where you want to be. xx…


Adventures with Halo Top

If you follow me on instagram (, by this point you know not only about my addiction to ice cream, but also about my addiction to HALO TOP. Now, if you haven’t tried Halo Top yet… now is the time to get off your couch, pick up your car keys, and drive over to your nearest Whole Foods store. If you don’t have a Whole Foods by you, I hear that they sell it at numerous other places (Wegmans? Kroger?) This stuff is.. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. An entire pint of vanilla (yes, I am plain, I love vanilla, whatever) is only 240 calories – including 24 grams of protein!! That, my friends, is a feat. I don’t know how this company does it, but they truly make a delicious product. My only qualm is that the pints are a little expensive, but I was lucky and they were on sale this week at Whole Foods. Usually, I will run in, and bring over a stack of somewhere between 6-8 pints to the express checkout line. The cashier usually thinks I am insane, but I tend to not really care because quite frankly, this stuff is delicious, and I get to eat it. I love to mix it with things, put things on it, or eat it plain. Let’s be honest though, the more chocolate or peanut butter you put on ice cream, the better. I will forever be a…