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Monthly Archives: January 2017


Taking on Whole30

Most of November and December was spent (like everyone else) eating, drinking, and being merry. This meant lots of drinks, tons of parties, and ALL OF THE FOOD in the world (and let me tell you – it was all delicious). I had so many great things take place over the last few months, including time with my family and friends. I will definitely say that I enjoyed every single cookie I put into my mouth, every single glass of wine I drank, and every meal I had. Come January, I definitely felt perhaps a little off my game. I wasn’t 100% on point all the time with tracking my macros, and I found myself being hungrier and hungrier with the macros I follow. I LOVE my ice cream (Halo Top WHAT’S UP), and I LOVE Walden Farms, but I also know that there is plenty out there that I can eat and put together that is fresh, nutritious, and from the earth. I realized that I wanted to challenge myself to eat more wholesome, nutritious foods, and less of the ice cream, pancakes, and protein bars I have been eating. Don’t get me wrong – there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating those things. We all deserve to have treats and enjoy the food we eat. However, I got to the point where I realized I needed and WANTED to spend more of calories/macronutrients on wholesome, nutritious, delicious foods. I think my…