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Daily Archives: May 6, 2017

Marriott Mag Mile – Just Magnificent

Magnificent: Impressively beautiful, elaborate, or extravagant; striking When I think of the word magnificent, I think of something that is truly awe inspiring and different. People who come to visit Chicago almost always make a trip to the Mag Mile – filled with shops, restaurants, hotels, and just about everything wonderful you could imagine. As a Chicagoan, I don’t think I always appreciate it for what it is – truly awe inspiring and striking. Two weeks ago I was invited to spend the night at the Marriott Mag Mile. The stay included dinner at their on site restaurant, Harvest, an opportunity to tour and utilize their state of the art fitness center and fitness lab, and an overnight stay in one of their remodeled guest rooms. I haven’t been able to make it out of town in quite a while, so this overnight stay at an incredible hotel right in the heart of Chicago was an incredible opportunity and exciting event. I was teaching bootcamp at Kick@55 so I was a bit late to dinner, but I was able to make it just as dinner at Harvest was starting. We were treated to a ‘Fit Fam’ menu – items made on site using local and fresh ingredients. Dinner included two salads, three main courses, and two desserts – all focused on utilizing the best ingredients, put together in a delicious and healthy way. First, we were able to try the two salads &#8211…