Adventures with Halo Top

If you follow me on instagram (, by this point you know not only about my addiction to ice cream, but also about my addiction to HALO TOP. Now, if you haven’t tried Halo Top yet… now is the time to get off your couch, pick up your car keys, and drive over to your nearest Whole Foods store. If you don’t have a Whole Foods by you, I hear that they sell it at numerous other places (Wegmans? Kroger?) This stuff is.. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. An entire pint of vanilla (yes, I am plain, I love vanilla, whatever) is only 240 calories – including 24 grams of protein!! That, my friends, is a feat. I don’t know how this company does it, but they truly make a delicious product. My only qualm is that the pints are a little expensive, but I was lucky and they were on sale this week at Whole Foods. Usually, I will run in, and bring over a stack of somewhere between 6-8 pints to the express checkout line. The cashier usually thinks I am insane, but I tend to not really care because quite frankly, this stuff is delicious, and I get to eat it.

I love to mix it with things, put things on it, or eat it plain. Let’s be honest though, the more chocolate or peanut butter you put on ice cream, the better. I will forever be a chocolatier – I never really venture into fruity ice cream (although, after I eat my pint filled with chocolate, I usually think about how refreshing tart froyo with a bunch of mango and kiwi would be). On today’s high carb day, I hoarded my macros so I could top an entire pint (yes, an entire pint. 2 cups of ice cream, again, do not care) with Nuts n More Cookie Butter (I will do a separate post on Nuts n More and my addiction to nut butters in general), Walden Farms Syrup (again – if you haven’t ventured this route, you must try), m&ms (my all time favorite candy, I am plain I know), fat free Reddiwip ice cream, and a chocolate pizelle cookie (23 calories PER pizelle.. okay fine, if you’re forcing me.)

The name of the game is balance. I post a lot about delicious desserts, but I spend my days eating a lot of nutrient dense, delicious food. Food is meant to be enjoyed. It is meant to nourish our bodies and provide us with energy. There is nothing wrong with enjoying what you eat. SAVOR it, make it taste delicious, and make it FUEL your body. FOOD IS FUEL. One of my all time favorite quotes (hopefully this doesn’t offend anyone):


Don’t wave off the dessert cart. Bring the dessert cart to your house, every night, along with balance, happiness, and love – and enjoy it.

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