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Hi friends!! I have so many life updates. Life has been crazy busy over the last few months – all in a good way. Trying lots of new things, doing lots of new things, and keeping really busy. I’ll try to update you all soon, but for now, I’m mostly concerned with getting more content up on this blog!! Keep checking back for updates, fitness ideas, recipes, and more.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet. I’ve been on the lookout for lots of new recipes and have been trying to get inspiration in different places. As much as I love to eat fresh produce and meats and cook everything from scratch, sometimes it’s just not possible. In order to help save on some cash and to save food overall, I’ve been looking to the frozen section lately for fruits, vegetables, and meats. In general, all of this tends to be quite a bit cheaper, and ultimately it lasts longer. While fresh is probably always preferred, it’s just not always feasible. We are busy students, professionals, athletes, friends, family members, and more. We wear so many different hats that sometimes in order to keep ourselves sane, we just need a quick and easy frozen meal to pop in the microwave.


One of my colleagues inspired me to try out the Barbecue Chicken Teriyaki from Trader Joes! It’s located in their frozen aisle and comes with three servings. They have pretty fabulous macros for one serving (150 g = 1.5 F/18P/11C) and let me tell you – this is absolutely fantastic. So delicious, and for it being an item from their frozen section, it really did not disappoint.  The chicken I believe is meat from the chicken thigh, so it’s a bit more fatty tasting, but without the high fat content. The teriyaki sauce is literally the perfect flavor and mixed with rice or cauliflower rice just brings it all to a new level. I also have to admit – Trader Joe’s in general has some pretty HIGH QUALITY amazing food and so much of it is macro friendly (or just healthy in general!) I encourage you to check out their frozen section for lots of fun recipe ideas.

TJ’s BBQ Chicken Teriyaki

I looked the chicken in a skillet and broke it up into three servings. I cooked 200g (about 2 cups) of cauliflower rice in the microwave. Usually, I prefer fresh cauliflower rice, but I actually almost think that the frozen stuff is easier to work with.

TJ’s Organic Cauliflower Rice – Frozen

Added in another 100g (about 1 cup) of Trader Joe’s frozen broccoli florets. A bag comes with 3-5 servings – enough for a week and probably half of the price of fresh bagged broccoli florets.

TJ’s Frozen Broccoli Florets


Mixed the cauliflower rice, chicken, and broccoli and wa-la! Dinner is served. The sauce on the BBQ Chicken does an amazing job of mixing with the rice and broccoli and serves as a sauce for the entire dish. You could make this with real rice, or a mix of half and half rice and cauliflower rice. My colleague made this with 1/2 of a serving of the frozen rice medley and 1/2 of a serving of cauliflower rice. I bet this would be incredible with TJ’s frozen jasmine rice!

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl


I’ll be on the hunt for more lots of healthy, easy, nutritious recipes! Shoot me an email or comment if you try this out, if you have other MUST HAVES from Trader Joes, or if you just have any fun easy recipes to share! xx <3 Kelly

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