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Magnificent: Impressively beautiful, elaborate, or extravagant; striking

When I think of the word magnificent, I think of something that is truly awe inspiring and different. People who come to visit Chicago almost always make a trip to the Mag Mile – filled with shops, restaurants, hotels, and just about everything wonderful you could imagine. As a Chicagoan, I don’t think I always appreciate it for what it is – truly awe inspiring and striking. Two weeks ago I was invited to spend the night at the Marriott Mag Mile. The stay included dinner at their on site restaurant, Harvest, an opportunity to tour and utilize their state of the art fitness center and fitness lab, and an overnight stay in one of their remodeled guest rooms. I haven’t been able to make it out of town in quite a while, so this overnight stay at an incredible hotel right in the heart of Chicago was an incredible opportunity and exciting event.

I was teaching bootcamp at Kick@55 so I was a bit late to dinner, but I was able to make it just as dinner at Harvest was starting. We were treated to a ‘Fit Fam’ menu – items made on site using local and fresh ingredients. Dinner included two salads, three main courses, and two desserts – all focused on utilizing the best ingredients, put together in a delicious and healthy way. First, we were able to try the two salads – a spinach salad made with rhubarb, goat cheese, walnuts, and a honey vinaigrette, as well as a farro salad with orange, riddichio, and feta.

Farro Salad
Spinach Salad

Main courses included halibut with roasted asparagus, stuffed chicken with roasted vegetables, and strip steak. All were INCREDIBLE. I still cannot get over just how delicious and fresh all of this food was. This is a restaurant I would frequent often, not just during my stay at a hotel. All of the main courses put together by the chef were outstanding – I truly want to go back as soon as possible for dinner.

We were treated to two desserts – one a coconut cream ice cream and another, a greek yogurt tart topped with berries. I loved how focused all of these dishes were on utilizing foods that are known to be nutrient dense and provide guests with a chance to feel that they are eating delicious and nutritious foods. I know sometimes when traveling it can be easy to have to find quick food and it doesn’t always make us feel that we are eating the healthiest we could be. I was so impressed by the quality of food and the restaurant overall. Please take the time to check it out!

Now – let’s talk fitness. Most hotel gyms are small, have a few pieces of cardio equipment, a set of dumbbells, and if we’re lucky, towels are provided. The Marriott Mag Mile spent some time renovating and revamping their hotel to provide a state of the art fitness center. This place was absolutely incredible – I’ve never seen anything like it. I actually asked someone if I could join this gym just to use it regularly. I was blown away by this place. The fitness center and on demand fitness lab are located on the 9th floor. First, I checked out the on demand fitness lab. This is a fitness studio where guests can select from hundreds of workout classes on a huge projected television. The room has spin bikes which can be moved, as well as tons of equipment that could be used for these on demand fitness classes. If you are a group fitness lover, this would be a fantastic opportunity to keep up with that guided workout, while you are on the go.

If you are a person that loves to workout on your own, their renovated fitness facility was absolutely incredible. This did NOT feel like a ‘hotel gym’. This felt like a state of the art gym that I could actually belong to. There was tons of equipment – treadmills, stairmasters, rowing machines, ellipticals, dumbbells and barbells, tons of machines, squat racks, kettle bells, benches, and more. Literally, this fitness center had everything I could possibly think of needing while working out. There was no shortage of equipment. I truly, truly, have never seen anything like this at a hotel – ever. I think a lot of people are often nervous to travel to be thrown out of their typical workout routine. Especially those of us that follow our own lifting programs or guided workout regimens that require a great deal of equipment, it can be hard to stay on track and on schedule with your workouts if you are traveling without getting a day pass to a gym. That being said – if you are ever coming to Chicago and you are a lover of fitness, THIS is the hotel you need to be at. The fitness facility is 24 hours – so if you love to workout at 3 am, you still can. If you are following a heavy lifting program and require a squat rack or equipment to do accessory exercises, this is the place for you. I had no trouble staying on track with my own lifting program while staying overnight here. Honestly, this was one of the most incredible fitness facilities I have had the pleasure of visiting.

Take a look at the recent renovations on their fitness center at the link below! If you find yourself in Chicago, or even if you are a local, an overnight stay at this incredible hotel is a must. Thank you, Marriott Mag Mile!

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