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I have been wanting to do this for a while, but a few days ago one of my best friends and I went on a bike exploration of the city of Chicago to find as much street art as we could. A few months ago, I went to get a sports massage in West Town (on the west side of Chicago, clearly..) and I came across a few different murals. West Town isn’t an area I visited too frequently, but I was blown away when I drove just a few blocks and saw mural after mural. If you live in any urban area, there is bound to be street art somewhere. Now, I have never known a ton about art, but I am always mystified but the abilities artists have. Trust me, I wish I could draw/sing/paint/literally do anything creative in that capacity. The people who made these are true artists. Anyway, my friend Dani was in town visiting from China, and we decided to take our bikes and ride around town to find all of the street art. If you live in an urban area (or maybe even not urban?) I highly recommend searching online to find a guide to street art. I guarantee there are TONS more places in our city – we were only going down three or four streets in one neighborhood and ran across tons of murals.


We searched “Chicago Street Art” to find some inspiration of where to go, and stumbled across this link:

A Guide to 51 Neighborhood Murals You Must See Right Now

We used this as a guide to start our exploration, but I bet we could go even further beyond what we did.

Mural off of the 606


If you live in Chicago and haven’t visited the 606 yet… you must take a walk/run/bike ride. It’s a newly done path over on the west side, extending from Bucktown all the way to Humboldt Park. It’s gorgeous, really peaceful.. and honestly pretty great. Definitely comparable to the Lakeshore Path (although probably like 1/4 the distance haha). See below for a map of the 606 in Chicago if you are ever visiting.


Anyway, we took the 606 trail over to Wicker/Logan area and got off, visited a few murals on Western Avenue.



Continued riding down Western over to Division, toward Humboldt Park. I think almost every single side street had one or more murals on the side of their buildings. Absolutely incredible artwork, and a lot honoring Puerto Rican heritage (from my understanding).


I spy a Chicago Flag and a Puerto Rican flag.





Like I said, if you are an urbanite in really any capacity, definitely find some street art in your city. It’s absolutely incredible, and seems to tell some pretty amazing stories.

Our goal was to find as many murals as we could..before it started raining. We had big plans to go to the South Side of Chicago to the Pilsen neighborhood and maybe others, but unfortunately it started pouring so we had to go home, but got some amazing shots. I absolutely plan to make my way down to Pilsen, very likely via bike, if anyone wants to join me!




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